Lost Boys & Co.

Hello. My Name Is Jake Barrow (Like Jack Sparrow). I'm In College At The Moment, And I Plan On Moving To A City Setting Once I Graduate In Order To Pursue A Career As A Musician. You Can Download My Album If You Click Here. It Would Make My Day If You Had A Listen. Peter Pan Is An Idol Of Mine. I'll Never Grow Up, Because I'm A Lost Boy, and Once You've Been Here, You Are Too.

#237 - “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.  Duh.  This guitar riff is so stinking catchy and funky and sexy and brilliant and full of dreams.  Robert Plant’s voice is unparalleled.  It’s only perpendiculared.   The saturated tape distortion sounds lovely on his voice.  And I like the way they messed around with crazy panning of sounds back and forth between the left and right ears.  An epic song from an epic band from an epic time to be alive.


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